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What is the currency in Jordan?

The currency is Jordanian Dinar, or also known as JOD. It has a fixed exchange rate with the US Dollar. 0.71 JOD = 1 USD. At the time of writing this 0.77 JOD = 1 EUR. 

What transporation should i use in Jordan? 

Inside the cities like Amman and Aqaba, Uber and Careem ( a local app ). To arrange for day trips you need to hire transportation to take you to and return you from your destination. once we know how many people are planning to follow our recommended itinerary or do their own thing, we can look to get prices and arrange for transport to and from the destinations. Please do let us know your plans so we can help in the best way we can !

Do i need a visa? 

For most nationalities, you can get a visa on arrival at the airport. However, if you are planning to do a bit of sightseeing, you would save a lot of money by getting the Jordan Pass, which would see your Visa fees waived. see here for more info or to buy

Is there a dress code for the wedding? 

The dress code is formal. Suits for men, and evening wear for women. 

Is Jordan safe?

Yes. Jordan is the safest country to visit in the region. Like any other country, there are areas which are less safe than others,  but there is no reason why you should find yourself there as they tend to be away from the main areas of the city and tourist attractions. 

Fun fact: Jordan has a specific part of the police force called the tourist police, whose sole job is to make sure that all the tourist attractions and historical sites in Jordan are well protected. You will see them on horseback in places like Jerash, Petra and even Amman.  

You might be taken aback by the level of security in hotels, and areas where a big number of people meet. It's not uncommon for hotels and malls to have scanners similar to what you might find in an airport or an Embassy. This is to keep people and tourists safe. 

Is alcohol legal in Jordan?

Yes, but not in public. You can drink at homes, bars, restaurants, clubs, etc..  Alcohol is easily accessible, and Jordan produces it's own wine and beer as well.  

Note: Some hotels restrict bringing in your own alcohol from outside the hotel as they want you to buy alcohol in the hotel. 

Are there dressing restrictions?

Women: yes and no. It depends on where you are. Generally in Amman: you can wear tank tops, skirts and dresses are acceptable (but preferably knee-length). At the tourist attractions, e.g. Petra, you can wear whatever you want (we suggest you cover up from the sun, though). At the Dead Sea, wear whatever you want, bikinis are also acceptable.

If you are visiting any religious sites like mosques or churches, shoulders and knees have to be covered, same as most churches in Europe. 

Tip: carry a light summer scarf with you or a light sweater. If you ever feel uncomfortable you can use it to wrap up, cover your knees in a taxi.. etc. 

Men: no restrictions, shorts are also fine everywhere. However, some fancier restaurants will not allow you in wearing track suit bottoms. 

Do you have recommendations for restaurant, bars, hair salons.. etc

Yes. Come back here closer to the time of the wedding and we will have lots of recommendations for where to eat, where to drink, where to go to get your hair done if you want before the wedding and more!

What will the weather be like in May? 

In Amman, always the cooler region, temperatures range from 64ºF (18°C) to 82ºF (28°C). In the central part of the country, Petra's temperature fluctuates between 55°F (13°C) and 75°F (24°C), and Aqaba's temperature averages 70ºF (21°) to 91ºF (33°C) – toasty! Similarly in the Dead Sea,  we would expect lows of 64ºF (18°C) and highs of  91ºF (33°C).

Where can i find more information about sites in Jordan? 

Here are some websites which have lots of information about Jordan, sites, experiences and attractions.

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