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Info about travel dates, airport, hotels, visas & more..

Travel dates

If you want to travel a bit in Jordan and join a trip with us  after the wedding to Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba,the recommended dates are:

6th of May-  18th of May

If you want to travel for the wedding dates only, the recommended dates are:

9th May-11th May 

Note: Check this section for things to do in Jordan, and this section for a recommended itinerary for the dates 6-18th May

which includes the information for a group trip with us to Petra, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba on the 13-17th. 

Wondering if you need a visa?

For most nationalities, you do not need to pre-arrange a visa. Check here for your specific country. Once you arrive in Jordan, you have two options: 

  1. If you are not planning to go to Petra during your trip, you should get the single entry visa on arrival at the airport. It costs 40 JOD per person, which is roughly 52 Euro. 

  2. If you are planning to do a bit of sightseeing, and especially if you are going to Petra during your trip, you should get the Jordan Pass before arriving in Jordan. One of the key features of the Jordan Pass is the waiving of tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights (4 days).  It provides hassle-free prepaid entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan. The cost of the Jordan Pass including 1 day visit to Petra and entry to most attractions you will visit during your trip,  is 70 JOD. Normally entry to Petra is 50, and the entry Visa is 40 so this saves you a bit of money, and you can also enter all the other attractions you visit during your trip without paying additional entry fees, with the exception of some religious sites which are not part of the government tourist scheme.  Click here to buy the Jordan Pass.

Important Info for travelling and getting around Jordan
Tail Part of a Plane

Airport & Flights

You should fly into 

Queen Alia International Airport.  

There are direct flights from many European cities. Ryan Air flies to this airport as well as other airlines. Unfortunately (for now) there are no direct flights from Dublin to Amman so you have to check the best connection for you and your travel dates. The website is helpful to find connections through European cities using budget airlines. But, keep in mind that if you opt for this option, you need to check your bag out, and then check in again as the flights are booked separately. 

Flights tip: the most convenient and affordable flights from Ireland at the moment seem to be on BA via London. Just ensure you have 3 hrs layover as short layovers under 2 hours are too short for that transfer (speaking from experience). 

Luggage Trolley

Where to Stay

Before the wedding, you can stay anywhere in Amman. We recommend the below hotels. Some of us are staying at the House Boutique Suites. 


1. The House Boutique Suites 5*

2. The Grand Hyatt 5*

3. Canary Boutique Hotel 3*


Please book directly on or on the calling the hotel. 


You do not have to stay in these hotels. They are our recommendations.  

As a guide , we recommend anywhere near 2nd or 3rd Circle or 5th Circle would put you closer to the old part of the city, which has the nicest bars and restaurants and is closer to the sites. It’s a bit further away from the church and the house. It would be about 20 mins by Uber/Careem (a local app like Uber) from there to the house/ church. However, Ubers/Careem are quite cheap in Jordan compare to Europe or North America.  


The night of the wedding, we recommend you stay at the Marriott Dead Sea Hotel and Spa. We have a special rate for a limited amount of rooms for our guests. These are allocated on a first come first serve basis. The rooms will be released  from 1st April. You can book the rate on this link

If you do not want to stay there you can also stay at any other hotel at the Dead Sea. The Movenpick is 7 mins walking, the Kempinski is 11 mins walking and the Dead Sea Spa Resort as well as the Hilton are 12 mins walking. The Crown Plaza is a bit further away, 23 mins walking.  

By taxi


From the Airport to your hotel in Amman, we would recommend you take an official taxi from the taxi rank in the airport. It costs about 28 Euro. 

To get around the city, use the app Careem, or Uber. They are relatively cheap, and safe.  Driving in the city or renting a car would be only for very confident drivers. Driving in Jordan is quite different than Europe and is not for the faint of heart.   

On the day of the wedding you only have to make your way to the house for the zaffeh. Or make it to the church if you do not want to go to the Zaffeh.  There will be a bus to bring you from the house to the church, and from the church to the Dead Sea. 

To arrange transport outside amman for day trips or to other cities, we recommend you contact

She can help you to arrange for private cars with a driver, a small van, or any other tour options you need.

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