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A note on gifts

Your love, laughter and company at our wedding is all we need. 

However, if you wish to bless us with a gift, we have provided some options below to partially contribute towards some bigger items. 

As we have both been living independently for quite some time, we already have all the basics like pots and pans, cups and knives. And due to our travel plans, it will be difficult to carry physical objects back to Ireland. So that's why we hope this will be easier for you and us. you can use the links below or if you prefer we also have provided Revolut and IBAN numbers at the bottom.

Honeymoon fund

After the wedding we are going traveling in Greece for a month ! You can sweeten our honey fund if you want us to use your gift on experiences on our honeymoon and afterwards <3

 Ceramic Egg BBQ and Our Dream Hot Tub!

We are renovating our 100 year old house in Dublin. And our next project after the wedding is to renovate our garden. We plan to build the furniture and landscape it ourselves.. but we will splurge on a few items to complete the project! This will be a ceramic egg type Kamado BBQ  and we are saving up for a wood fired Swedish hot tub ! As these items are pricey, individual gifts will be grouped to pay for these items. So you can choose to use your gift to contribute to our garden project, and we hope that you visit us and get to enjoy those with us as we gather with friends and family and enjoy them in the months and years to come. 

Other options 

Revolut  - victor3lor

IBAN:  IE84BOFI90362147936033 -  BIC:   BOFIIE2D - Name on account: Victoria Sweis Najjar

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